Cover Reveal – HOW TO DISCIPLINE YOUR VAMPIRE by the fabulous Mina Vaughn!

I met my friend Mina Vaughn right around the time I started getting ready to publish NA, and she had her silly, dirty, BDSM manuscript on submission. She is sweet, sassy, and pretty dirty, too. I love her to bits. 

Well, guess what? That silly dirty manuscript about schoolteachers and vampires SOLD to Pocketstar (Simon and Schuster!) Time flies, chickadees, and today is that book’s cover reveal! I can’t WAIT till this little gem hits shelves.

Here’s all you need to know:

Cerise Norrel, Type A substitute teacher by day, is ready to quit
being a Domme. Despite her best intentions, none of her partners can
keep up with her scene fetish and attention to detail—let alone her
demand that they have a costume and set waiting every afternoon by the
time she’s home from school.

Over a dozen potential subs have left her in the past year, but just
when Cerise thinks it’s impossible—that she’ll have to go back to
vanilla relationships, or be alone forever–she meets William, who
wants to make all her fantasies come true. He turns her home into a
geisha’s dream apartment, a concert hall with a grand piano (which he
uses to play an original composition while wearing a tuxedo), and even
rents an abandoned loft for a zombie apocalypse scene—complete with
canned goods.

But there’s something strange about William. Well, a lot of strange
things. He must be absurdly rich, since he can afford to provide
extravagant costumes and props on a daily basis without having to
leave work early. He must be insane, since he puts up with Cerise’s
over-the-top demands. And most importantly, he doesn’t redden when
he’s spanked, and his skin is as cool as satin sheets. When Cerise
discovers she’s become domme to the infamous “Chilly Willy,” as he’s
known throughout BDSM urban lore, she begins to find out there’s a
whole lot more to her handsome submissive than a creative mind and a
hard body.

And when it’s William, ironically, who starts pressing Cerise to give
him the kind of commitment she’s never given anyone, it’ll take
everything she has to work through her issues, confront her past, and
learn to be vulnerable.

 Doesn’t that sound AWESOME??? 

And now for one of the coolest cover reveals I’ve ever seen – a quick little vid! (If you can’t watch the vid, I pasted it below, don’t worry.) Without further ado….


Mina Vaughn is an international woman of mystery and a shoe whore with a heart of gold. When she’s not writing her unique brand of silly smut, she’s plundering Sephora for any pin-up girl makeup she can find. Mina’s debut novel, an erotic comedy entitled How to Discipline Your Vampire is about a punishment-seeking vampire who meets a quirky Domme with a serious role play fetish, coming out August 19, 2013 from Simon and Schuster’s Pocket Star.


Pre-Order for only $1.99.  That’s less than your morning coffee!  Trust me, the buzz from this will last a lot longer.  😉

Or add it to your Goodreads TBR:



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