The Perfect Picture

A few weeks ago, I chose my avatar to post on Amazon and Goodreads. I sifted through picture after picture to find one that would work, but I finally settled on this:


I realized I chose it because it encapsulates all the things that are my idea of me at my “Perfect-” My gorgeous red hair, lots of natural light, the peace and calm to write, and, of course, being in bed (come on, you guys knew it was coming.) Yeah, I’m super foxy, and those are all the things that make me feel like it.

SO why am I gloating all about this perfect, perfect picture of me? Because I’m wondering if you’ll let me see yours.

I want to see your Perfect Pictures. The pictures that make you most proud of your body, your work, who you are. I want to see you in evening gowns or footie pajamas, sports uniforms and gardening clothes and hijabs, hiking boots or lingerie or sweats.

Perfect Picture

Licensed for Creative Commons by Queen of the UniverseLicensed for Creative Commons by Sean DeReilingerLicensed for Creative Commons by Sean DeReilinger

Perfect picture1

Licensed for Creative Commons by Andrew Ferguson

Show me skin, or don’t, I don’t care. I’ll think you look perfect, because it’s your perfect picture. (Just no private parts, please, my publicist will have a heart attack.)


Licensed for Creative Commons Use by Rachel A.K.


Send me your perfect picture (to, and if you can, tell me why you love it so. Tell me what it says about you, what it makes you feel about  yourself.

I’m gonna pick the ten that make me cry the most (because I’m a crier, you guys,) and then my gorgeous readers are going to pick their five faves. I’ll be giving out copies of my debut New Adult novel, PICTURE PERFECT, as well as some other goodies, as prizes.

Thanks for playing. I can’t wait to see YOUR perfect pictures.


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