Help PICTURE PERFECT reach the Amazon top 100! (please?)

I can’t even believe I’m writing this.

In its third official day out (today!) my debut New Adult novel PICTURE PERFECT reached the #169th best selling slot on Amazon!!!!

(Yeah, that’s the expression on my face right about now. Complete and total shock that anything this awesome is happening.)

So, gorgeous readers, I need your help with something. I really want to see my sweet, sexy “fat girl book” find its own little spot on the Amazon top 100.

I don’t have much to offer you, but I think you might like what I *do* have – MORE CAT AND NATE SCENES!!!!

When we hit the top 100 (yes, you and me together) I’ll release a cut epilogue scene from Cat and Nate’s Spring Break back to California. There’s an old camp cabin, a picnic on a mountain, some horseback riding, and…well, if you know Cat and Nate, I’m sure you can guess what else will be in there *cough*SMEX*cough*


So, spread the word, my loves! I can’t wait to show you that scene! And most of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping us get this far! You all are incredible.

(Oh! And click here to buy Picture Perfect for just $3.99 on Amazon! Thank youuuuu!)




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