I Want to Hear Your Body Stories

Hi, gorgeous readers.

I explained in my last post all about how PICTURE PERFECT (coming out in 12 days!) is a “Fat Girl Book,” and why I wrote it.

Since then, reviews have been rolling in for PICTURE PERFECT from early readers, and there’s a common thread in their comments: “We’ve all felt like that,” “Everyone’s hated their body at some point,” “Girls will be able to identify with Cat.”

Which, on the one hand, is sad, right? I hate that so many – most, it seems – women have had the experience of hating their bodies.

I want to show you some photos of the inspiration for Cat Mitchell and, well, the whole story, really.  This is Lizzie Miller.


Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s a typical plus-sized model, but she became really famous when she did a shoot for Glamour magazine, and they published this candid shot:


Belly roll! Never before seen in the pages of a fashion magazine!

Glamour really took a gamble when posting this picture, and you know what? It really paid off. People wrote in to the magazine, thanking them for publishing a photo of what a real woman looks like.

Now, a lot of you have said that size 12 isn’t big. And it’s not. But for Cat, my main character, who used to look like this:


You can see how the change would be tough. Right?
So. Getting down to business.

I know that so many women have these stories, of their bodies growing and changing and losing confidence, losing a sense of beauty. Maybe they got it back, and maybe they’re still trying hard to get there.

I want to hear them. I think we ALL want to hear them.

SO here’s what we’re gonna do, you gorgeous foxes. If you’re okay with it, email your story to me at authoralessandrathomas@gmail.com. Do it by THIS FRIDAY, March 15th. Tell me everything – yeah, EVERYTHING – you’re comfortable with. If you’re okay with me posting it on this blog, let me know, and I will. 

My fellow author friends and I will pick a few that really speak to us, and put them up here on the blog. Then you, my gorgeous readers, will pick your favorite two, and I’ll put them in the back of PICTURE PERFECT.

Because Cat’s fictional, but she sure as hell is based on thousands of real girls. And I want their voices to be heard too.

Love you all.



(and, if you’d like, you can add PICTURE PERFECT to Goodreads here: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17286268-picture-perfect  . Thank you!! )


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